Using Google maps – Collaborative technology mediated learning experience

This was a team based project.  We had to design an innovative technology mediated learning experience.  Our project was to demonstrate how to identify the mid point of a triangle.  It was a way to introduce trigonometry in an interesting and relateable way.   We used Prezi to deliver the presentation.   (The link may not function unless the viewer has a Prezi account.

We used adult learners to avoid any ethics and permission problems.   The learners were in different rooms in the same location with one facilitator guiding them through the process via a Skype conference call with web cam.  We had some problems with sound due to the high volume of bandwidth usage.  The learners were arranging to meet starting from different locations through the country via Irish Rail.

The most efficient location was deemed to be Dublin.  The physical mid point between two locations may not always be the most logical meeting point.


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