It would appear that I am now studying an MSc in Testing Eternal Limits and I am close to reaching mine.

I have spent the last 3 days repairing my computer.  If there were marks for persistence, troubleshooting, stress management and finding ingenious work arounds, I would get a straight A.  However, there are not and the work still needs to get done.

S4SL is like Vegas, no clocks, no concept of time, incredibly frustrating when things do not go to plan and amazingly rewarding when things go well.

The pressure is mounting, the computer is behaving somewhat but no internet connection on campus which makes it impossible to work on projects, however, between home and McDonalds, I can keep going.

I have come to love clouds.  Thank heavens for Dropbox, my saviour.  I did not care about having to rebuild the computer, all my data was safe and sound in the cloud.  It was just tedious having to reinstall all my programmes and countless utilities and battle with proxy settings but almost there and I am still smiling!  There is a lesson in all that we do.




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