Indecent proposal

I had to submit a proposal for my end of term project on the day as my literature review.  What a juggling act!  When I finally relaxed my mind and realised that a proposal is just that.  It is not the end game, it is not my thesis.

We have all been assigned our supervisors and made contact.  My supervisor afforded me a plethora of suggestions, directions and guidelines.  Is the antithesis of a decent proposal an indecent one?

I had become focused on the tool rather than the pedagogy and the research question.   To formulate a question, one must first know the answer.

On the menu this evening is a starter of Scratch for Second Life, followed by Abode Flash as main course with a side order of some work on my ethics application followed by a cup of tea and pajamas for dessert.

I walked through campus early morning last weekend.  It really is a world within a world of chaos.  I consider myself so privileged to be part of something so historic.   Perhaps when I graduate, I’ll take the time to really explore what I should be enjoying now.


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