Botox & biros

Much brow-furrowing took place this weekend and last weekend as we got to grips with Second Life and S4SL.  What appeared to be a fairly simple problem turned into a mountain.

However, Vygosky appears to have been correct and working collaboratively works effectively in the zone of proximal development.

I found it easier to physically animate the problem with physical objects, not unlike a man in a pub demonstrating the offside rule with condiments.  My lab partner and I then wrote down the possible commands we thought it would take to achieve the task before tackling the keyboard.

At one point, my tutor I were having an interesting conversation.  We were both fluent, but in different languages.  I had made assumptions that did not exist and had imposed boundaries upon myself that were not necessary, therefore overcomplicating the problem.

The main points of the exercises today were to demonstrate that just because something is cool and funky does not actually make it viable learning media, however, if the focus is on the pedagogical underpinning, then perhaps “cool and funky” has validity.

I am undecided about Second Life, particularly working in a public space.   It is quite strange to be able to see my fellow learners at the same time.

As I unravel this task, I feel slightly less unravelled but a little weary nonetheless.


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