Ray Kroc was a wonderful man

Well, it has been a very turbulent time since my last posting.

My laptop was stolen, my broadband connection went down, still problematic but getting sorted.

The light at the end of the tunnel no longer feels like an oncoming train.  Did I mention that my mobile telephone would not work, it was refusing to connect via 3G, it was not like it could pick up the non existent wifi in the house and my landline died so I had to shout out the window to communicate with the outside world.

Thank heavens for Mr Kroc – the founder of McDonalds as we know it today.  He purchased the idea from Messrs McDonald as he was so impressed with their consistent quality of product, service and speed.  Not only that but now McDonalds have free and very good wifi combined with good coffee makes Eternal Student a happy student.

I spent several days wailing into my 2 euro coffee and thumping the keys of my new laptop.  I had two assignments to submit and time was of the essence.  My local library has good and free wifi also but they do not stay open until 3am or serve curly fries.

Feedback on my last assignment was very useful.  Overall, a very mixed reaction from my fellow scholars but we are all on the right track.

Current projects are to learn Flash (I don’t even know what it does  – I thought it was for cleaning the bathroom), get hang of Scratch and immerse myself in Second Life – like I have time for my first one!  My son is helping me with Second Life and the rest will fall into place given time and mental energy.  All of the above rely on a good internet connection, roll on next week when my new modem is being installed.

I have been experimenting with Mind Maps in an attempt to consolidate the knowledge into my little grey cells and I am hoping to incorporate them into my dissertation, we shall see.


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