You do the math

I have been busy recently rediscovering my love of mathematics.  We have been working on some group based assignments and discovering the difference between co-operation and collaboration.  Collaboration is extremely difficult when there are several strong personalities that do not really know each other.

We had to deliver two group based assignments and an individual one.  The individual one is listed in a previous posting – war of the buttons – I did not realise how difficult it would be to deliver what I felt was a simple task.

The first group based assignment was based on trigonometry and used google maps, acetates, Skype and the internet to determine the best place for a group of individuals to meet up.  The objective was to help learners identify the mid point of a triangle without actually using complex terminology.  One of the “learners”, a math teacher, was so impressed with the exercise that she has decided to roll it out to her class, with some refinements.

The other group based assignment was not being marked but was a fun exercise.  It involved working collaboratively to produce a short film.



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