One down and a whole pile more to go

Not so keen on this “quick” post option on WP, have to spend far too long figuring how how to use the old fashioned method each time I want to update blog.

HTML assignment finished, a tiny unmarked portion of the overall course but hey, I did it!  Could not get pages to load, no idea what I was doing wrong, probably something small.  Roll on reading week is what I say so I can get cracking  on instructional design assignment.   Can’t upload until Friday when I am on campus.

Software won’t run on laptop and no web cam for windows machine.

Got out of bed and ran around the block twice this morning (and then I put the block back under my bed…..).  Well I did trot at a gentle and sedate pace on and off for about 30 minutes, always have to drag myself out the door and always feel better when I do.

Sort of day off today, working later on and working tomorrow at the marathon.  One of these days, I might get one of those new fangled job things that everyone talks about, then I think the stress of trying to manage family, finding and paying for suitable care is just not worth it.  Let us see what 2012 holds for us all.

Finished TEFL with flying colours and also great marks for arduous FETAC course completed in March.  Cert will probably take another six months to arrive.


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