Third time’s a charm

My not so trusted chariot is off the road again.  When you are on first name terms with the vehicle recovery company, that’s NOT good.

Anyway, this is the third time on less than a month so I deem that I have had enough.  It’s not an enormous catastrophe, I can go back to catch up on sleep on the bus but it did mean rescheduling a huge pile of appointments.  On the up side, maybe the neighbours will think I’ve moved away.

I’m really struggling to concentrate at home today so I’m taking procrastinating self and laptop off to campus to find a quiet corner and surround myself with academia.  Who knows, some inspiration might find its way into my blood stream via osmosis.  Worth a shot!

Work is escalating rather than decreasing.  I need to stop answering the telephone as I still lack the ability to say no.   Off to make the world a better place.





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