Climbing K2

I am still wrestling to identify a suitable topic for my position paper.   It does feel like I’m climbing K2.  I can’t see the summit, I have gained loads of weight, I am pouring my resources into the project, I need a massive team back at base camp and yet another team pushing me along the way, I’ll get there in the end but I might die trying and noone will remember my efforts!

I am experimenting with the dark art of NOT multi tasking which is an alien concept to me and most women.  I set the kitchen timer and focus on ONE task for a given length of time, usually 30 minutes or so.  I actually find that I am somewhat more productive, although I might get fewer things done, what I do get done is done to completion and done properly.

I find I keep sneaking back to my old ways of stirring the dinner, supervising homework, reading a book, talking on the telephone and checking emails all at the same time.  I usually end up dropping the book into the dinner, cursing down the phone and then be chastised by himself for using expletives and not helping him as promised.

On the upside, passed those torturous exams in March and finished off TEFL, two more feathers in my cap.  I am the most over qualified unemployed person I know.


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