Working piling up

Second week over and done with.  Long days back to back are really tough.  Already struggling with 3 assignments, none of which have been started.  I’ll have to email my tutor about the first one which has almost of all of us flummoxed.   Still cannot connect to the wifi.  Need to get sorted with the correct software for my laptop.

Lots of group work yesterday and today, which is interesting and quite energizing.  No snoozing behind the laptop screen.  Interesting matters discussed such as throwing computers at students (not literally) is ABSOLUTELY not the answer and neither is it technology enhanced learning.  All it seems to do is line the suppliers pockets.   If you can’t measure it, then how do you know if its working or not.

Using technology should enhance the experience but the basic learning does not necessarily change.  The person learns the same thing but in a different fashion.  At times technology can impede the learning, that was certainly the case for me over the past few days and as I battled my way along with PS.   Still can’t figure it out, bad sign when I have to learn from a 16 year old on You Tube, oh well, at least I had the presence of mind to source help, unfortunately that very talented 16 years old is somewhere in the ether and not physically sitting beside me.

So tired last night that I managed to leave my wallet behind (AGAIN).  The perils of a commuter bus ticket.  A kind soul bought me some coffee and the temptation to make further purchases did not strike.  What a good way to save funds.

So what was the learning today?

  • Run through check list before leaving the house!
  • Get enough sleep
  • Identify the learning and what information needs to be delivered
  • Empower the student to take part in the learning experience – engage – the vile cliche (bring it)
  • Collaboration really works – with a helping hand, someone can take 2 steps
  • One to many is not as effective as originally thought
  • Throwing technology at the problem without a clear strategy, simply creates more problems
  • Have clear deadlines and deliverables
  • Encourage, coach, mentor, facilitate rather than lecture at
  • Start the assignments early
  • Read college emails daily – missed a few vital dates
  • Talk to other students and research lots
  • Is there a hidden agenda behind wanting to use technology for learning?  Simply sell more computers….



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